Breathing Theory

A hard rock band from Central Florida composed of heavy riffs, melodic leads, and gripping and thoughtful lyrics. Founded as a three piece in 2008 as “BurnTheSky,” the band went through several members, growing into a five piece, and settled on the current name before recording their debut, “The Parasite EP” in 2011. With the release of their single “Fireflies” circulating on U.S. radio stations, XM satellite radio, and Music Choice, and touring across nearly the entire nation, BT slowly became more than just another local band.

Prevailing through the test of time and tribulations, three of five members stepped down towards the end of 2013, but founding member and vocalist Cory Britt refused to be stopped, and recruited three new committed musicians to continue their quest to conquer stages across America. After writing and recording the Uprise sessions and embarking on four Eastern U.S. tours, the bands long awaited sophmore release and fresh new lineup lit a powerful fire under the quintet, and they have since dominated the Central FL scene with a fresh and passionate fury modern rock music so desperately needs, continually proving to audiences both at home and from afar that their sometimes commercial, but ALWAYS heavy hard rock sound will continue to appeal to the heart and soul of rock and metal fans alike.

In the last year, they have met tons of new friends, both in the form of fellow bands and brand new fans, and left behind a wake of rock n roll fury accompanied by the smell of gasoline and burned, (sometimes exploded) rubber! They played with a plethora of amazing bands, from local and regional friends : Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, 12 Stones, Bobaflex, Sid Wilson from Slipknot, Flaw, Eye Empire, Straight Line Stitch, Shallow Side, Motograter, Smile Empty Soul, Black Tide, Mushroomhead, POD, 40 Below Summer and many more.

With 2020 approaching fast, the band continues to push to new heights, excited to continually reach out to more and more amazing friends and fans all around the world!

Band on stage

Artists of note BT has proudly shared the stage with:

12 Stones
40 Below Summer
Black Tide
Eye Empire
Future Leaders of The World
Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
Sid Wilson of Slipknot
Smile Empty Soul
Straight Line Stitch

We have proudly been invited and performed on several festivals and looking forward to many more: Listed are just a few:
Ink in the Clink 2016-17
Earthday Birthday 2019
Mayfest 2017