Get your album artwork on a shirt

It’s about time that your band steps up their game and has some pro quality merch. Sure, the one-color logo shirt has its place and we are a firm supporter of that Tuxedo of Shirts with white ink on a black shirt (buy em from us for $6 each at 50pcs)… But you should really think about getting a band photo or your album art on a shirt. When it is printed well, it will help to elevate the image of your band. Making you look next level as people wear your merch that looks as good as the shirt they bought at the arena show last week. Finding a printer that can do it isn’t too hard these days but finding a printer that does good work at a good price is the key. A lot of shops will want to do your art in 10 or 12 colors. This usually creates an accurate image but can leave the print feeling thick with many layers of ink.

There are print shops that specialize in printing full color using far less printed colors to achieve full color and saves you TONS of money by using less screens. Of course, I’m talking about our print shop here at MerchLive that commonly prints just 6 colors to achieve a full color print, and yes, it is a very soft print. We could bore you with details about halftone size and screen mesh that allows a thinner ink deposit or that David Ellefson of Megadeth and Fieldy of Korn use our services, but what really matters is that you get a good representation of your artwork at a price that you can still make some gas money one shirt at a time. (Btw, we can print your full color print on a standard Fruit of the Loom T for $10 each at 50pcs or $9 each at 100pcs).

First, choosing your artwork is a major factor of how your shirt turns out. A well-designed piece of art for a square album cover may not look as appealing when printed as a big square on a shirt. We recommend having a different version of the same artwork created for a shirt. Meaning it would be longer than it is wide and ideally without square straight edges. At the very least adding an edging of some sort to a straight edge can do wonders for your artwork. Think of a ripped edge, a splattered edge, we’ve even used rough stitches to knock out the straight edge of some album artwork. We can always add some edging free of charge when you order your full color shirts from us. Here’s some examples of our full color work and some edging applied by our outstanding in-house artists.