A portion of all proceeds go to the David Ellefson Youth Music Foundation -ML

I used to sit in that school in Jackson, Minnesota, in that high school, at those desks, and dream about the day that I could go hopefully be a rock star and come back into town, and that day has happened. And it’s interesting that when you go through the things you do in a band and just this ride to get to the top of your field, when you get there, it’s very different than when you thought it was when you’re trying to get there or when you had dreamed of being there.And for me, to be honored with the day is wonderful, but I don’t want it to be just a prideful moment. I’m proud of the moment, but I want it to be something where it gives me an opportunity to do something with all of the things I’ve collected in my career and give back, and that’s why I formed the David Ellefson Youth Music Foundation.

The idea was to form a non-profit that we can use to raise money to give grants, scholarships and instruments to both individual students, and school music programs. Largely in America, when budget cuts come, the music and the arts go first, and they keep the football teams and the sports, but things like music, which is also very intrinsic with mathematics and things like that, they get cut. And, to me, when they’re taking those programs away, this is what we live for, this what turns our engine on in the morning and gets us excited. So, if our music foundation can help put instruments, education, and wind in the sails of these music programs in need, then I think that’s all we can hope for.