Megan Orvold of Casket Robbery

Megan Orvold of Casket Robbery


MerchLive: Casket Robbery has been getting a lot of press about the single “From Hell”. We’ve heard you on

Decibel and seen you in Kerrang. Since we have Maria Ferrero (top PR in the world) in this issue, I gotta ask, did you use a public relations firm or is this single just catching fire organically?


Megan Orvold: We did use a PR firm (thanks Clawhammer!) for the single release that really went to bat for us and a lot seemed to be pretty organic as well, which has been really cool to watch.  We also work very hard on our own, in addition to the PR which gives us that extra boost.  You’ll find us busy everywhere online, posting and promoting.


ML: We’ve seen some pretty big show announcements lately. Are you working with a booking agent? What shows are you really looking forward to?

MO: We are! We connected really well with Keith from The Convalescence on our last tour, so we signed to his booking agency, The Legend Agency. The Legend Agency has been working really hard for us lately, so we are excited to see everything this year brings! Right now I’m really looking forward to Toledo Death Fest ( I LOVE Jungle Rot) and all of the shows on the tour in May with The Convalescence, Filth, and Blood of Angels. There is also a fun festival on the tour run in Mississippi, the Gulf Coast Beer and Metal Fest that I’m really looking forward to playing!

ML: This is usually the time of writing and recording in the cycle of things… While you are filling the schedule for Spring and Summer, what is going on currently in the Casket Robbery camp?

MO: Right now, we are super hard at work, finishing up the recording for our next full-length album (and my first full-length with the band)! I know it’s taken longer than everyone would have liked but we are really excited about all the new material. The writing process for this one has been the hardest, most-fun I’ve had writing music a

nd I’ve gotten to dive in pretty deep lyrically. We can’t wait to share it with everyone!


ML: The band has been steadily gaining ground partly due to the phenomenal stage show. What are the touring plans to bring Casket Robbery’s outstanding performance to more people?

MO: Right now, we have 2 spring tours announced, both in May. We’ll be heading out with The Convalescence, Filth, and Blood of Angels for the first leg, and then the second leg we will be headlining with Abaddonia as support…we are very much looking forward to hitting the road again! So far, those are our current announced tours and hopefully we’ll have some more to announce soon!

ML: What are you touring in? Van/trailer?

MO: We hit the road in our 15-passenger van, all squished in together, haha. It’s a Ford Econoline van with no trailer. We’ve gotten to a point where we can downsize our gear enough to fit it in the back, taking out the back seats. It’s less wear and tear on the van and better gas mileage. Every few dates we get a hotel and rough it out in the van the other nights. We’ve made it pretty comfy…though our radio died on the last tour so we will definitely have to fix that before may or we’ll all drive each other insane, haha.


ML: Like most bands, you must be able to juggle a way to make money and still be able to tour. Does the band have some means of working remotely to help “pay the bills” while on the road?

MO: With us really picking up on how much we tour now, it takes a LOT of planning. We work very hard when we are home to attempt to prepare ourselves for tours, and yes, a few of us have a few things we can do remotely to help along the way when we are out on the road. Cory works really hard on managing quite a few bands and businesses’ social media accounts and consulting on those, so that is very helpful. I try to stay on top of my side hustle ‘Grave Witch Goods’ and I create and sell spooky/witchy things you can see online and at our merch table, tarot readings…all that fun stuff…it all helps! But mostly, it’s a lot of planning, a lot of hard work when we are at home, and a lot of sacrifice…but it has been absolutely worth it every step of the way.

You can find my store at and Facebook @gravewitchgoods.  For Cory’s social media services email or search Dark Melody Artist Services on Facebook.


ML: Speaking of paying the bills, your merch looks incredible. Who prints it and where can fans get your merch online? (Couldn’t resist ; )

MO: Haha, thank you so much!!!!!! We were so lucky to come across MerchLive for our printing, so fantastic to work with and we are so taken care of. It’s super refreshing!  You can scoop up our merch online through our FB (click the SHOP) button, and you can find it on


ML: Thank you, Megan, for taking some time to chat with us and we look forward to seeing Casket Robbery on the road this Spring.


MO: Thank you so much for including me and Casket Robbery!



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