Road Rash Tour Story Bumblefoot

About 8 years ago, there was a Guns N Roses fan whose 9-year-old daughter was attending a local music school.  She was one of the youngest students there and was being given a hard time by older students.  Not ok.  So, while the band was rehearsing I had her come join and get on stage and sing lead for one of the songs with the band, filmed it and put it on YouTube (she did GREAT, just wish the vocals could be heard better in the video taken from on the stage!)  How many 9-year-olds ever got to sing with GNR?  Just one.  After that, guess who the coolest student at her music school was?  HER.  She’s growing up to be an amazing person with so many talents and a big heart. 🙂  *Always support the journey of our young ones, let ‘em know we got their backs. ?

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