Family of Crazies or a Psykotribe

by Ben Boggs

Ben Boggs: Thank you for taking time to speak with me! What are you most looking forward to in 2020 and are you venturing into places which you have not played before?

Dana Harrison: I think that’s always the goal, to try to reach places you’ve never been before.  We love meeting new people and expanding our dysfunctional family.

BB: Congrats on the tour with six feet under! It sounds like it was pretty cramped quarters! What was your favorite memory from this tour?

DH: Oh boy, so many great memories!  It’s probably a split between two memories.  The Czech Republic was just a whole night of craziness, those people are the sweetest but also the most insane people I’ve ever met. And then our last show when Chris Barnes invited all the supporting bands onto the stage to scream out their cover of AC/DC’s “TNT” with them.  All of the bands became family on this tour, so it was awesome being able to share in the fun with everyone at the end.

BB: I grew up on Megadeth, so hearing that David Ellefson tracked bass on your single “End It” must have been a dream come true. How did it feel working so closely with him?

DH: David is such a sweet genuine guy so when I found out he wanted to do this I was just blown away, I mean he’s a total legend.  It was a lot of fun!!

BB: I read that your favorite show Psykotribe ever played was with Cradle of Filth a few years back in Tampa. I adore that band. What made it your favorite?

DH: Oh am I ever a fan of Cradle of Filth, Dani is such a huge influence to me.  Although there had been some ongoing negotiations it wasn’t

actually announced that we were performing on it until about 4 days ahead of the show date.  The day of the show, we were all still in shock that we were even on it.  haha  I think what made that one of my favorite shows was meeting them and realizing how down to Earth the whole band is, no egos at all.

BB: So, James and Dana are husband and wife, Jakob is James’s son.  John and Chris, the other 2 guitarists are cousins, and Adam, your drummer and Chad, your bassist are brothers. I love that you keep it so close to the family. Are there any challenges with having family be so closely associated to your business?

DH: No, I mean except for your typical family squabbles.  hahaha.  Really though, I think it makes everything go easier.  There is a certain strength that comes from having your family behind you that you really can’t get anywhere else.  It is the “tribe” portion of Psykotribe, I’m pretty sure you all know where the Psyko part comes from.  hahaha

BB: Tell me about how you became the vocalist of your band. I heard it was unexpected.



DH: Funny story, I threw a surprise party for my husband, James.  He was in another band at the time, so I invited all of his friends over from different bands in the area.  They had an open jam in our garage so during one of their sessions I jumped on the mic and started screaming to the music.  I’ll never forget the look on James’ face when he realized it was me.  I had never done it before so he had never heard me do anything like that. We think that was pretty much the beginning moment of Psykotribe.

BB: How much influence do you have over matters like artwork? Is there anything outside of Psykotribe that contributes to your band overall?

DH: I do, along with being one of the vocalists of Psykotribe I am also a painter, a sculptor and an artist.  I showcase my artwork on Darkly’s Creations which you can find on Facebook, but I love participating in local art shows and exhibits.  I love the darker side of things, so my artwork and my vocals are not too far off from one another.  A creative mind never rests, I am constantly restless.  haha

BB: I will leave you with one more question: if you could pick your dream line-up for a tour package, who would it be? You have already played with so many greats!

DH: Haha, oh boy let’s see.  I would say, Rob Zombie, Lamb of God, Paula Abdul and Psykotribe!  Don’t judge me,  hahaha!  Thank you Ben!!